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Whilst there is no uniform for Dee’s classes, there is a dress code to address both the comfort and safety of your children.

Clothes that Help:

  • Bare Feet (Even in cold weather, we warm up)
  • Footless leggings
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Skirts in stretch fabrics (Not too long)
  • Layers (Adjustable depending on activities)
  • Separate tops and bottoms
  • Bling-free is best

Clothes That Hinder:

  • Stockings or tights that cover the feet
  • Denim or tight skirts
  • Jeans (They restrict movement)
  • Wollen jumpers (children overheat when active)
  • Jiffies (Slippery)
  • Leotards (Tricky for toileting young children)
  • Jewellery (Dangerous)

Leotards and tights/stockings are not appropriate for young children as it makes toilet trips very difficult, time consuming and accident prone. Stockings are also slippery and unsafe on carpet. Toes will be warmed by dancing. Footless leggings are a much better option.

As the weather cools down, please dress your child in layers that are easy to remove as they warm up in class, or to put back on when doing quiet work.

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