Are you looking for an engaging activity to spark the imagination and creativity of your child?

As well as being lots of fun, our preschool classes are educational and great for:

  • Boosting language skills
  • Developing musicality
  • Developing creative expression
  • Early numeracy skills
  • Developing social confidence
  • Gross and fine motor control
  • Learning to take turns and share
  • Developing listening and attention skills
  • Making new friends!

DANCE PLAY - For toddlers (with their parent/carer).*

Dance Play classes are ideal for introducing children to the joy of music and dance, developing coordination and helping stimulate a colourful imagination. Classes combine a wide range of music sources, props and stories to encourage speech, singing, movement and group interaction.

This class is carefully structured to suit the specific age and development of your child. Dee helps children develop confidence, coordination and social skills whilst learning to express themselves creatively.

Children are accompanied by their parent/carer and participation is expected. This means classes are a wonderful opportunity for you to have fun with your child!

*Dance Play Age Calculation: we initially place children in a class based on their age as at 31st March. Children who have turned 2 by 31st March may join the Toddlers DancePlay class. (Children do not change classes after their birthday.)

SING DANCE ACT - For 3 & 4 year olds.*

Sing, Dance, Act sessions explore the whole creative experience of singing,  dancing and acting. Activities explore movement, music and dance with the help of stories, props and costumes to encourage the development of speaking and singing voices.

Sing, Dance, Act is a vital stepping stone in developing musical awareness, story-telling skills and an enthusiasm for the arts. These classes help to create positive, creative, and imaginative individuals as children build confidence and co-operation.

Separate classes for 3 & 4-year-olds

*‘Sing Dance Act’ Age Calculation: we initially place children in a class based on their age as at 31st March. If your child is 3 years old at 31st March then they would be in a 3yo group.

Children who have turned 4 before 31st March join the 4yo Class (Children do not change classes after their birthday.)

Flutter and Twirl - For children who are 4-5yo.

Does your child twirl around the living room? Skip down the footpath? Leap across puddles?

If “yes” is the answer then look no further than Flutter and Twirl. It’s a light, happy class that takes children further into the world of creative dance and the beginnings of ballet. Our teachers use Imagination and play-based learning approaches to encourage exploration, creativity and confidence in your child’s ability to move expressively.

Children are encouraged to find creative expression in response to a wide range of music.

BOYS STUFF - For boys age 3-5 yo

Whilst all our preschool classes are appropriate for both girls and boys,  we also have an amazing class just for the little fellas.

The activities in Boys Stuff allow the children to express themselves through music and movement with props, themes and activities to hold their interest and embrace their unique energy.

There’s still time to book a trial for our classes this year:

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