Our overarching purpose is to nurture self worth in all who enter our studios

Located in the heart of Ashwood, BDC Dance Studios is one of the leading recreational dance institutions in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. At our school we endeavour to provide a nurturing environment that is inclusive of all students and fosters a love of dance for both children and adults.

Our core values:

We Believe in Communication Through Kindness, Empathy and Enthusiasm

We Dream of Promoting Sustainable Practices For Ourselves and the World We Inhabit  

We Create Opportunities for Educating Minds And Bodies to Grow Amazing Human Beings


The teaching staff at our studio approach all our students with a combination of kindness, empathy and enthusiasm to encourage learning and skills acquisition in a holistic manner that highlights the role of dance in the development of the whole person; physically, mentally and socially.

Our aim is to approach the needs and differences of all students in a manner that is fair, trusting and respectful whilst providing a safe and secure learning environment.

We offer a range of options across styles, age groups and abilities. Our students have the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of dance styles including but not limited to:

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop. Check out theses different styles here.


Find out how to join us for a free trial here 

Natalie Stubbs - Principal