Our overarching purpose is to nurture self worth in all who enter our studios

At BDC we endeavour to provide a nurturing environment that is inclusive of all students and fosters a love of dance and drama.

The teaching staff at our studio approach all our students with a combination of kindness and enthusiasm to encourage learning and skills acquisition in a holistic manner that highlights the role of dance and drama in the development of the whole person; physically, mentally and socially.

Our aim is to approach the needs and differences of all students in a manner that is fair, trusting and respectful whilst providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Our core values:

  • Instilling skill and enjoyment in dance, drama and other related theatrical pursuits.
  • Providing a learning environment that promotes fitness and enjoyment in creative activities.
  • Fostering curiosity, enthusiasm and self-motivation in learning and excelling in new skills.
  • Developing students with the desire to positively contribute to their community.


Our students have the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of dance and drama styles including but not limited to:

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Drama/acting and Musical Theatre.

Natalie Stubbs - Principal