Our overarching purpose is to nurture self worth in all who enter our studios

Located in the heart of Ashwood, BDC Dance Studios is one of the leading recreational dance schools in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. At our school we endeavour to provide a nurturing environment that is inclusive of all students and fosters a love of dance for both children and adults.

Our students have the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of dance styles including but not limited to:

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro Dance and Conditioning & Injury Management. Check out theses different styles here.


Our core values:

All interactions within our community are based on kindness and empathy. We want all who enter BDC to have a positive experience. From the way our teachers interact with students to the information sent to parents from our admin staff, and our expectations of how students treat each other. Even in times of conflict there is always a choice of how to approach a resolution. We choose kind.

With the right outlook, the gift of dance can last a life time. We take safe dance practice and injury management seriously, even at a recreational level. Our students learn about how to look after their own bodies to work with their individual strengths and around limitations. An injury does not mean game over for dance, it means a dancer needs to develop more sustainable habits to heal and progress beyond a setback.


For the world around us, we use sustainable practices within our business to lead the younger generation by example. A few include:

  • Clearly marked bins for recyclable items
  • Soft plastics are separated under the REDcycle program
  • Biodegradable bin liners
  • Koh and Earth’s Choice cleaning products
  • Thank You hand sanitiser
  • Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper
  • No single use plastic items in our kitchen
  • 90% communications are digital
  • Recycled paper used for all printed material


We don’t need a few people doing Zero Waste perfectly, we need thousands of people making small changes that will influence others.

The majority of our student base is children and young adults. It is a huge privilege to be entrusted with the care of these young minds.

The teaching staff at our studio approach all our students with a combination of kindness, empathy and enthusiasm to encourage learning and skills acquisition in a holistic manner that highlights the role of dance in the development of the whole person; physically, mentally and socially.

We are aiming to help little humans develop life skills that will serve them in the long run, we just happen to be teaching these skills through the medium of dance because that’s what we love. Many of our students feel that dance is their second home. It’s their escape – worries and stresses are left at the door and the distractions of the world outside or on their phone disappear while they dance.


Meet Our Principal – Miss Natalie

Natalie Stubbs - Principal

Taking her first ballet class at age three in the small, West Australian town of Esperance, Natalie was one of those children who thrived on ballet and never looked back. She completed her vocational examinations at Perth’s Academy of Ballet and Performance, becoming an Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance as well as being a candidate for Solo Seal. The daughter of a school teacher and music specialist, teaching was in her blood and she jumped at any chance to assist in teaching younger students throughout her own training.

Natalie also completed a Bachelor of Science (Human Biology) at Curtin University of Technology where she developed a fascination for dance biomechanics and injury management.

In 2006, Natalie relocated to Brisbane to study contemporary dance and choreography at Queensland University of Technology where she graduated with distinction. She worked with many well known choreographers, both local and international, as well as choreographing and staging several of her own original works.

2010 saw her arrive in Melbourne to pursue further opportunities as a freelance dance artist and dancer for Rain and Lucky Dance Theatre. She also honed her teaching skills at several local dance schools including BDC.

After five wonderful years instilling the love of dance to the students of BDC she took the helm as our principal in 2015.

Natalie’s true passion for dance lies in the prevention and management of injuries through teaching all her student to understand and work with their own individual anatomy. She is an advocate of finding efficient, pain-free methods for her students to achieve their goals.

“We are not dancers, we are humans who love to dance” – Miss Natalie