Take a look at the dance styles that your child can learn with us.

We teach: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Dance Conditioning, Hip Hop, Allegro Ballet, Pre Pointe & Beginner Pointe, VCE Dance, Private Lessons and Performance Team classes for troupes, solos, duos and trios.


The quintessential classical dance style. Great for improving posture, strength, coordination, control, body awareness and musicality.

RAD examinations optional see here for details.

Classes from 4yrs to Advanced levels

(Adult classes available too!)


An energetic and fast-paced dance style which develops co-ordination, flexibility, strength and stamina. Often uses popular or retro-pop music.

Classes from 5yrs to senior levels

(Adult classes available too!)


The feet become percussive instruments with a focus on musicality, rhythm and style. Students build up from basic movements to routines that cover various styles of tap dancing including Theatrical and Street Tap.

Classes from 5yrs to senior levels

(Adult classes available too!)


A liberal dance style that draws on techniques from a variety of other types of dance. Contemporary movement takes a more expressive form and there is often a focus on flow of movement and dynamics.

Great for developing posture, balance, rhythm, strength and creativity.

Classes from 7yrs to Open Advanced levels

(Adult classes available too!)

Dance Conditioning

A class dedicated to prevention and management of injury. Students are guided through the fundamentals of anatomy, mobility, and strengthening in accordance with safe dance practice and shown how to apply it to their own training. These classes are taught by our Health Sciences team of teachers. Miss Natalie – BSc Human Biology, Miss Olivia – B Occupational Therapy (honours), and Miss Amy who is Studying Physiotherapy.

Beneficial for all styles of dance.

Classes from 7yrs to  Advanced levels


Learn to twist, jump and tumble safely. From the basics of cartwheels, handstands and bridges to walkovers and aerials. Improve strength, co-ordination and confidence.

For Juniors and Upper Primary school aged students

Hip Hop

A street style of dance which takes its influence from contemporary music with dancers developing strength, body isolations, co-ordination and improvisation skills through learning a freestyle dance.

Classes from 7yrs to Open Advanced levels

(Adult classes available too!)

Allegro Ballet

For ballet students studying Grade 8/Intermediate ballet or above.

This class focuses on extending the skill level and range of movements from the vast repertoire of jumps and turns in ballet with a focus on improving strength, balance and flexibility.


For ballet students who wish to increase their strength in preparation to dance en pointe. This class addresses the

preparatory knowledge and strengthening required for pointe work.

Students must be at least 12yrs old and have completed grade 4 ballet to commence pre-pointe training.

Students must progress through the pre pointe class and gain approval from their teacher and a recommended dance Physiotherapist before commencing pointe work.


For ballet students who are beginning pointe work.

Students focus on learning the correct technique at the barre and strengthening toward the aim of executing steps in the centre of the studio, unsupported by the barre.

Students will progress to higher levels of pointe work when assessed to be ready by their teacher.

(Intermediate and Advanced level ballet classes include pointework within regular class time.)

VCE Dance

Provides the opportunity to explore the potential of movement as a medium of creative expression through diverse approaches.

Units 1 & 2 for students in Year 10 or 11.

Units 3 & 4 for students in Year 11 or 12.

VCE Dance must be in conjunction with two technique classes per week of differing styles. These classes can be taken either at BDC or the dancer’s home school of choice.

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Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons for students who wish to extend their skills and understanding in a selected style or genre. Can be used as catch up and/or extension to regular classes.

Please contact us for rates, times and teacher availability.

Competition Team: Troupes – Solos – Duos – Trios

Competition Team classes allow students to further their skills in dance and performance. With a focus on performance and skill development, students learn routines in a range of styles specifically for dance competitions.

Dancers enrolling in Competition Team classes are by invitation only. Dancers are assigned troupe classes based on the individual’s age and ability. Competitions are generally held in the June/July school holidays and September school holidays.

More information about competitions and being part of the Competition Team is available upon request.

Dancers enrolling in troupe will be assigned to either Junior, Intermediate or Senior troupe based on the individual’s age and ability.

Solos, duos and trios may also be available on request.

Performance students must be available during June/July and Sept/Oct Holidays.

Please contact us with your enrolment to find out more.