Ballet Skirt



Mock-wrap, Turquoise Ballet Skirt

Forget losing time to stubborn ballerinas wanting to tie up their own ballet skirt, this is the perfect solution. Attached to a lycra band, this pull on skirt gives the look of a classic wrap skirt without the fuss. 

Uniform requirements:

For ballet students from Flutter & Twirl to RAD Grade 5.

Sizing options:

Ch Xsml - Waist 56cm
 Ch Sml - Waist 58cm
 Ch Med - Waist 61cm
 Ch Lge - Waist 63cm
 Ch Xlge - Waist 66cm
 Ad Xsml - Waist 69cm*
 Ad Sml - Waits 74cm*

*adult sizes come in tradition wrap skirt only

Coordinates with:

Turquoise tank-style leotard, Mock Crossover and Headband

Additional information


Ch Xsml, Ch Sml, Ch Med, Ch Lge, Ch Xlge, Ad Xsml, Ad Sml