Maxwell Pavichievac

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Maxwell Pavichievac


Maxwell’s passion for dance began at the age of 3 where dance classes were a place he could express himself and feel the freedom of movement. As a teacher Max loves the ability to create the same safe space as he experienced as a student. He truly believes that dance classes are the way to finding yourself and he seeks to create a safe, fun environment for his students to grow into beautiful, expressive people.

His teachings incorporate aspects from yoga, kinesiology and meditation which have been 3 major influences that have shaped Max into the teacher he is today. Maxwell has trained in the styles of ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and musical theatre. After completing his first year at the Victorian Collage of the Arts in 2018 Max found a new passion for DJ-ing and producing his own music. His classes are very musically based and loves letting the music influence movement.

Teaches Tap