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Dance Friends Are Forever Friends

The teaching staff at BDC Dance Studios approach all our students with a combination of kindness, empathy and enthusiasm to encourage learning and skills acquisition in a holistic manner that highlights the role of dance in the development of the whole person; physically, mentally and socially.

Our aim is to approach the needs and differences of all students in a manner that is fair, trusting and respectful, whilst providing a safe and secure learning environment.

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We offer a variety of dance lessons for all ages and abilities, starting from pre-school age. The styles we offer include Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and more. Our approach is supportive and positive so you or your child’s love of dance can flourish. To help you decide if our studio is right for you, we offer a FREE trial class. Click here to get started with a free lesson or click on one of our programs below to find out more.

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What Our Dance Family Has To Say

What we looked for, and received in spades, from a Dance school, was a place where our young daughter would be exposed to a world of creative expression. Bonus that music stimulates body, mind and spirit, which has been nurtured, nourished and encouraged by her teachers. Fourteen years down the track, BDC has become a second home where extended family, students and teachers all care for one another. It’s a place of support, companionship and sensational creative expression. The concerts are a joy to watch, personally I enjoy seeing how all of the students grow and develop their skills and confidence. Concerts are all about the students demonstrating their abilities, so much fun, albeit hard work for students and staff. It’s not about egos, but showcasing what they have learned.

Tina Del Mastro - Sullivan
Dance Parent

I started at BDC Dance Studios when I was 11 and years later am taking classes across many styles and couldn’t imagine dancing anywhere else. BDC creates an environment where students are able to be extended to new possibilities and achieve their own personal goals surrounded by only the most encouraging and supportive teachers and fellow students. I have met some of my best, lifelong friends through this studio and the non-competitive nature between students is very refreshing to see within a dance studio. BDC provides me and every other student with opportunities to be the best version of ourselves both in and out of the dance world through the positive and compassionate attitude of the teachers and their outlook on teaching with a strong focus on safe dance practices, coupled with the genuine kindness displayed through all the students. Coming to dance every day never fails to be a highlight.

Bianca Phillips
Student & Teacher

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