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With the Covid-19 pandemic overstaying it’s welcome (not that it was ever welcome) these lockdowns have become an expected part of our lives. Yes, we’re sad to be barred from using our beautiful studios but at least we can coninue to dance at home with Zoom lessons.

To find your zoom class:
Click on “Online class” at the top of the webpage.
Enter the password.
Scroll down to the class lists and find your class, and click “enter zoom class”.

You will then enter a “waiting room” until your teacher is ready to start the class.

Be patient and use the waiting time to test your video and sound, and if everything’s ready continue with your personal warmup.


To dance at home you will need:

  1. A stable internet connection
  2. Download the zoom app on a device that has a camera, microphone and speaker.

A smart phone will do if you don’t have other options but a bigger screen will allow you/your dancer to see more of what’s going on allowing them to dance more freely.


– iPad/tablet

– Laptop

– Desktop computer

– Mirror your smart device to your TV

– Connect your device to your TV with a HDMI cable

  1. A safe space to dance in

– Check for hazards

– Uneven flooring

– Furniture, stairs, cords

– No clutter that can be tripped over

  1. Appropriate footwear for your space

– If your regular dance shoes are slippery, consider dancing barefoot

– Tappers, if you don’t have a surface to tap on, wear a hard soled shoe that you can do the correct movements in without damaging your floors. A sheet of MDF or similar from Bunnings can make a great, portable tap surface.

– Pointe students, please await further instructions

  1. Your dance uniform

You are attending your dance class, we expect you to prepare in the same way as if you were attending at the studios. Proper dress and hairstyling is expected for your safety.

  1. A water bottle

Have your drink in the room with you so you don’t have to leave during the class.

  1. An adult present

– For children up to the age of 7yo we ask that an adult is present with their child during their class.

– 9 to 17yo dancers need to have an adult at home that they can seek help from in the event of an emergency.

– 18yo+ Use your common sense. Class work will be modified to suit a smaller space but you will need to remain vigilant to staying within your limits to avoid injury.

  1. A flexible mindset

Your dance class will be different to what you are used to. We are now in small spaces without safely sprung flooring. Your teachers are adjusting the content they present you in order to keep you safe and still give you an uplifting experience. Embrace the change, we’ll get back into the studio eventually, let’s use the time until  then as effectively as possible.”

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