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What Our Clients Say

Our overarching purpose is to nurture self worth in all who enter our studios.

My daughter does ballet at BDC dance and loves it! Her teachers Miss Natalie and Mr Dom are lovely, kind encouraging, talented and fun. I love the low key approach – they focus on children having fun rather than their hair and costume being just right. The ‘no pressure’ approach extends to the concert which is fantastic but not too stressful/pressure filled for shy kids. Another bonus – end year concert in October – before the craziness of Christmas time. Thanks BDC.

Kate Merryweather
Ballet Mum

I’ve been very happy and attending BDC the last few years! The superb classes, friendly atmosphere and supportive teachers have all contributed to make it an excellent experience.

Mia Geljic
Dance Student

My daughter Zoe is so happy here. She’s 11 and has been coming since she was 5. This is a dance school that gets the balance between fun and technique just right. Zoe is really coming proficient due to all your hard work. Great teachers and I don’t have to make costumes. Thank you BDC

Alice White
Dance Parent

My daughter started dancing at BDC 9 years ago and at that time I loved that while he enjoyed her class, I was able to have a cuppa and chat with other parents my then toddler played happily as well. BDC was a happy experience for us all. Now of course I do the drop off, but I continue to know BDC is a child and friendly place and somewhere my daughter loves to be.

Leanne Boucher
Dance Parent

Our family have been dancing at BDC for 12 years since our eldest daughter was in Kindergarten. I never thought I would be a ballet mum! But BDC is not pink and girly or focused on appearance. Dancing at BDC is about having fun, being active, making friends and creating as part of a team. It is like a second home to our daughter who loves the creativity of dance, the challenge of using her body and the release from her studies.

Dianne Carra
Dance Parent

I started at BDC Dance Studios when I was 11 and years later am taking classes across many styles and couldn’t imagine dancing anywhere else. BDC creates an environment where students are able to be extended to new possibilities and achieve their own personal goals surrounded by only the most encouraging and supportive teachers and fellow students. I have met some of my best, lifelong friends through this studio and the non-competitive nature between students is very refreshing to see within a dance studio. BDC provides me and every other student with opportunities to be the best version of ourselves both in and out of the dance world through the positive and compassionate attitude of the teachers and their outlook on teaching with a strong focus on safe dance practices, coupled with the genuine kindness displayed through all the students. Coming to dance every day never fails to be a highlight.

Bianca Phillips
Student & Teacher

What we looked for, and received in spades, from a Dance school, was a place where our young daughter would be exposed to a world of creative expression. Bonus that music stimulates body, mind and spirit, which has been nurtured, nourished and encouraged by her teachers. Fourteen years down the track, BDC has become a second home where extended family, students and teachers all care for one another. It’s a place of support, companionship and sensational creative expression. The concerts are a joy to watch, personally I enjoy seeing how all of the students grow and develop their skills and confidence. Concerts are all about the students demonstrating their abilities, so much fun, albeit hard work for students and staff. It’s not about egos, but showcasing what they have learned.

Tina Del Mastro - Sullivan
Dance Parent