We’re ensuring a safe return to the studio as we approach the new covid normal.

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We hope to soon confirm our return date to the studio! 

What we have already been advised by the Victorian health department is that anyone attending the studio who is 16 or older must be double vaccinated before they are allowed to return.

Take note of the following and get this sorted early for a seamless return to dance:

16yo and over You will need to be double vaccinated to enter the building. Please send us your Vaccine Certificate ASAP and wear a mask when you attend.

12yo -15yo You are allowed to enter the building if you wear a mask. As soon as you are vaccinated, please send us your Vaccine Certificate

Under 12yo Parents of children under 12 will need to send us their vaccination certificate for their child to enter the building. Masks for under 12s are recommended but not essential. Parents, please send us your Vaccine Certificate ASAP

Parents If you enter the building you must wear a mask and have either previously or on the spot declared your proof of vaccination.

All other covid procedures will remain as they were; Mask wearing, QR Check-ins, Social distancing, and sanitising – we all know this dance now.

All our staff are proudly double vaccinated and cannot wait to welcome you all back. In a normal year, our concert would have been today, so instead, we’ll be creating something stress-free for the end of the year once we’re back in our beloved studios.

Thank you for supporting us through these trying times. We hope we have brought a little joy into your dancer’s life when so little has been happening.

PS, Your personal data is secure with us, we NEVER share your details without your express permission and understand that your personal privacy is important and to be safeguarded.

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