When Can We Return To Dance?

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Hello beautiful dance families.

Happy what-would-have-been dress rehearsal weekend. I never thought there would be a year in which our student’s favorite event would be canceled. We’ve known for a while now that concert couldn’t happen but watching the date approach does leave us pensive. Still, who needs the excitement of concert when we’re all going to be so excited to see our dance friends again?

With restrictions easing more and more I’m sure you’re all wondering when we can return to dancing in our wonderful studios. The official word at the moment is: Not yet.

Disappointing, I know.

The dance industry has been tirelessly campaigning to ease restrictions as we are currently grouped under indoor recreation like adult gyms and indoor contact sports. The thing we all need to remember is, this pandemic has never been about individuals getting ahead and that includes individual industries. Our government has had a tremendously large and often thankless job of making sure that Melbourne residents are safe and that means we all make sacrifices for the greater good.

As soon as we have a return date confirmed, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops (read: notifying you all in everyway possible). Till then, keep on logging into your zoom lessons and when you’re out and about, please remember to wear a face mask and adhere to social distancing.

We hope those who’ve been able to return to school are loving being there, and send so many of our best wishes to our year 12s who are fast approaching the end of school and their final exams. 

We’ll all make it through this.

Be kind everyone!

Lots of love from Miss Nat

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