Myra is a singer, dancer and actor, and fell in love with performing when she was first
enrolled at BDC Dance Studios at the age of 4. Having recently completed a Diploma of
Musical Theatre, as well as working professionally in the music and dance industry, Myra is
trained in multiple styles of dance and singing, and is thrilled to be sharing her knowledge
with the students of BDC Dance. Myra has a strong basis of technique in many dance styles
including Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary and more, as well as a large knowledge of
performing arts history and culture.

The most important thing to Myra is nourishing a safe and encouraging culture in class,
where students can feel free to experiment and be themselves without fear of judgement
from anyone, which in turn allows them to challenge themselves further and improve more
quickly. She believes in equal opportunity for all, and encourages students to find their
individuality and allow it to shine through in the pieces she creates for them.

Diploma of Musical Theatre (Spectrum Dance Studios)
Working with Children Check

Myra teaches Musical Theatre and Hiphop